Visionary business leaders know how to lead and manage successful teams. They know how to inspire and influence individuals and groups to get the best potential from them in the interest of the organisation.

You will develop leadership and management skills that will enable you to lead effectively and successfully in different organisations and in different cultural environments.

Course Content
This course has been developed with career progression and recognition by professional bodies in mind. It has been designed to provide you with a broad yet in-depth knowledge and understanding of business management subjects.

What will you achieve
On successful completion of this qualification, national and international recognition by employers enables you to progress into or within employment and/or progression to a higher level of study. It is aimed at individuals who see their future in middle or senior management in various industries.

Course Structure
The course provides you with a high level of commercial and strategic awareness that is essential for managers and leaders who want to achieve the aims and objectives of their organisation.

Modules and their Learning Outcomes
1. Leadership and Management
  • Understand theories of leadership and management
  • Understand how to improve motivation and performance through the application of relevant leadership skills
  • Understand the development and effectiveness of teams

2. Research Project
  • Be able to recognise valid areas for research and develop research questions
  • Be able to carry out research relevant to research questions
  • Be able to evaluate research and present results and conclusions

3. Human Resource Management
  • Understand the role and importance of human resource management in achieving organisational effectiveness
  • Understand the formulation and implementation of human resource strategies
  • Be able to assess a range of HR strategies that may be implemented within an organisation
  • Understand contemporary issues affecting strategic human resource management

4. Strategic Marketing
  • Understand the principles of strategic marketing
  • Understand how to carry out strategic marketing analysis
  • Analyse strategic marketing decisions and choices
  • Understand how a range of marketing strategies can be implemented to contribute to competitive advantage

5. Personal Leadership and Management Development
  • Be able to analyse personal leadership and management skills to support achievement of organisational objectives
  • Be able to manage development of personal leadership and management skills to support achievement of organisational objectives
  • Be able to evaluate the effectiveness of personal development plans to develop management and leadership skills

6. Financial Decision Making for Managers
  • Be able to analyse published financial statements for business decision-making purposes
  • Be able to analyse sources of finance available for long and short term business needs
  • Be able to analyse financial information for business decision making

7. Project Management
  • Be able to analyse business objectives to identify feasible projects
  • Be able to design systems and plans for initiating, managing and controlling projects
  • Be able to organise and manage a project
  • Be able to monitor and control the progress of projects
  • Be able to review, evaluate and closeout a project

8. Economics for Business
  • Understand the micro-economic business environment
  • Understand the macro-economic environment in the domestic context
  • Understand the implications of operating in the international economic environment on business organisations

9. Strategic Planning
  • Understand the external environment affecting an organisation
  • Be able to review existing business plans and strategies of an organisation
  • Be able to develop options for strategic planning for an organisation
  • Be able to construct a strategy plan for an organisation
  • Be able to examine factors affecting an organisational strategy plan
  • Be able to plan for the implementation of a strategy plan

  • One or two years study of Business, Management or related qualifications at a Higher Education Institution
  • A level 5 qualification in Business, Management or related subjects for example an ATHE Level 5 Diploma in Management (QCF) or HND
  • Other equivalent international qualifications Learners must also have an appropriate standard of English to enable them to access relevant resources and complete the unit assignments.
  • Learners may also have relevant work experience.
  • Mature learners may present a more varied profile of achievement that is likely to include relevant work experience (paid and/or unpaid) with levels of responsibility, participation and/or achievement of relevant professional qualifications.

  • Intakes: November/ January/ April/ August/ October
  • Duration: 1 year full time or part time
  • Accredited by ATHE
  • Fees: Click here

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