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London - It's big. It's busy. It's loud. And there's always something for you to do whatever mood you may be in. If you want entertainment then visit the many restaurants, cafes and night clubs dotted around London and if you want solitude then go the many green squares and churches hidden around the bustling streets of London.


London has a diverse range of peoples and cultures and more than 300 languages are spoken within it's boundaries. London is one of the most racially and culturally diverse cities in the world. It has a diverse range of peoples and cultures and more than 300 languages are spoken within it's boundaries. So it goes without saying that whatever nationality you are, you will find it much easier to settle into than other cities. At GBS all our staff can speak at least one other language in addition to English and they come from a range of cultural backgrounds.


Since there are so many supermarkets, food markets and restaurants in London, prices are competitive. Don't just visit the major supermarkets try the independent ones as well as these not only have a diverse range of products but fresh fruit and veg can be much cheaper than the major supermarkets.

Also you don't need to travel around the globe to find world cuisine. Want to try Chinese food then go to Soho, Indian food go to Southall and Brick Lane, Afro-Caribbean food, go to Brixton and Hackney, traditional English fish and chips go the numerous fish and chip shops dotted around London.


London is a vibrant and eclectic city and has much to offer and believe it or not some things are for free. For information on what to find and where, check out some of the links below.


Visit Transport for London for everything you need to know about public transport in the city: maps, guides, London journey planner, schedules, route information and online tickets.

Free maps and guides are available at all London underground (tube) stations.

London Underground

The tube is the quickest and easiest way of travelling round London.

The tube usually closes between 00.00 and 01.00, earlier on Sundays.


Bus routes cover the entire city and are cheaper than the tube. To pay:

  • use your Oyster card (see below)
  • buy a ticket from the machines at bus stops
  • buy one-day and weekly bus passes from most newsagents.

Many buses run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Use journey planner to find your night bus home.

Oyster Cards

The smartest way to travel around London is with an Oyster Card.

Once you have enrolled at GBS, you can apply for a Student Oyster card, which gives you a 30 per cent discount on travel.

Oyster is the reusable travel smartcard for London. It can be used as a travelcard or for pay as you go or a combination of both.


London is no different from other major cities around the world and as in other cities you can follow the tips below to feel safe and comfortable:

  • Know how to get there. Plan when you are going.
  • Plan your route home before going out.
  • Tell someone, a friend or flat mate for example, where you are going.
  • Carry enough money for a taxi home.
  • Never travel in unlicensed minicabs. Find a taxi near where you are by texting 'Home' to 60835 and the phone numbers for two local licensed minicab operators are sent to your mobile phone. Be careful at cashpoints and always keep your pin code hidden.
  • Watch your possessions at all times.
  • Avoid walking in unlit areas and taking short cuts through dark alleys or parks - take the bus instead.
  • Look confident and purposeful when out walking.